Product Return Policy

Product Return Terms and Conditions:

Under normal circumstances, customer can reqeust for product exchange within 7 days upon purchase if rpoduct quality or specification is not accordingly to product standard or product specification. Such permitted product exchange is limited to exchange to same model of the product. Customer is responsible for delivery fee for exchanging products. If the product in concern is sold out or temporarily out of stock, customer is allowed to change to other product with same price.

Qualification for product return or exchange:

  1. Customer request within 7 days upon purchase.
  2. Product has to be purchased from
  3. Customer request with reasonable ground on product
  4. Customer present product in concern to our maintenance center in personal or via domestic courier
  5. Customer acknowledge and responsible for all delivery charge accured during the process of product exchange
  6. Product has to be free of strench marks and damage, and no signs of being used whatsoever
  7. Customer need to present the purchase invoice, full package with accessories, manuals and warranty card that has not been filled out, along with any gift items (if applicable on the purchase) to accompany to qualify for a product exchange request.

Dequalification to product return or exchange:

  1. Customer request time over 7 days from purchase date
  2. Product has sign of damage, marks, or residue of food
  3. Product, and its packing or accessory has been used or damaged or consumed or missing
  4. Customer has lost either product warranty card, its original purchase invoice, or its product manual
  5. Improper use by customer on product causing damage to product
  6. Product has been modified

Product Return Exchange Procedure:

  • Customer raise product return or exchange request by sending email to
  • In the email, please state name, contact phone number, email address, invoice number, product model number and reason for return and exchange.
  • If application or necessary, please attach photo with the email.
  • (Please note that Return and Exchange request has to abide to all Qualifications for Return and Exchange as stated above.