Delivery Service

Delivery service will be arranged from Monday to Saturday from 10:00am to 7:00pm. No delivery service will be arranged on Sunday nor public holidays. Courier will contact customer by phone around 1 hour prior to prearranged delivery time. Upon product is delivered, please kindly check and assert the packing/container of the product is intact, and check the items and quantity are delivered according to the order placed.

After your order is placed to Goodshop, if we accept the order, we will then contact you to confirm delivery date and time. If there is any delay due to payment settment from credit cards or samewise, the delivery date will be deferred accordingly.

If either you need to amend the delivery address, change delivery date or time, or add additional orders to the same delivery, or change any purchased item from the order, you must contact our customer service at least 24 hours before the delivery schedule date and time.

If your given delivery address, due to various reason such as security…etc, resulting our courier unable to make the delivery to you, we reserve our right to request you to direct self pickup the delivery from our customer service center AND not rearranging additional delivery service. Under any arbitration regarding delivery matters, we reserve all right as to final decision of any dispute arise.